Your brand is the sum total of people’s experiences and interactions with your company, products, and services. It exists in the minds of your customers. And its meaning is not entirely under your control.

There are two main influences on the meaning of your brand which you can control:
  • Positioning – communication that connects with customers’ and prospects’ existing understanding to create a unique place for your brand in their minds
  • Performance – what customers experience from your selling process and using your product.

OnRamp’s approach to building your brand starts with identifying market gaps – unmet needs and/or understated benefits. We carefully study your product’s features, the issues your buyers care about most, and your company’s ability to deliver.

Next, we work with you to articulate a core promise that is unique and separates you from your competitors – and that your offering meets or exceeds. Consistently.
Finally, we create a fresh and distinctive visual identity that fits the character of your company and your value proposition, as well as the sensibilities of your target audience.

Our branding work is a key ingredient in how we deliver unprecedented sales results for our clients.

Check out our Case Studies page for examples of how we’ve done it. And imagine your company experiencing the same kind of brand – and sales – boost.