M4FlexTM from Trompeter is the only external network connectivity system that lets you flow multiple service wirelines into your premise or campus through a single physical entry point. It delivers order and space savings to today's congested wiring closets.

M4Flex means "mix and match media management flexibility." The M4Flex system lets network infrastructure managers improve the organization and efficiency of the enterprise's current inbound media and enables clutter-free new media additions and switchouts.

Change is Accelerating

Changes in technology, regulation, and competitive market structures are creating exciting new opportunities for integrating voice, data, and video (VDV) services into enterprise networks.

But from a cable management perspective, installing the service lines for these new capabilities is congesting central network wiring closets. Congestion happens because a distinct network interface device is required at each point of presence (PoP) handoff from each service provider.

And more change is coming. Telephone companies, multiple-system cable operators, and co-located broadband providers are looking at fiber to the premise (FTTx), Ethernet-in-the-first-mile (EFM), third-generation data-over-cable-service (DOCSIS 3.0), xDSL and DSx-based service.

How M4Flex Ends Wiring Closet Chaos

A system of interchangeable "carrier class" interconnect and monitoring modules let you commingle all wireline types - fiber, coax, or UTP - instead of having to install separate network interface devices for each. Component "building blocks" enable you to design the point of termination configuration best suited to your premise needs.

Building Block 1 - Universal Subpanel This is the mounting mechanism that enables modules for multiple connector types to be co-located. This panel is roughly 4 inches by 1 inch in size with a pair of installation grommets for rapid attachment/assembly.

Building Block 2 - Interchangeable Termination Modules The most flexible is the keystone-type, which lets you mix multiple industry-standard connectors in a single subpanel in a pass thru configuration. Currently available keystone modules include 50 ohm BNC, 75 ohm BNC, 75 ohm F-type, RJ45, RCA, and SC (fiber optic).

A second type of interchangeable module is the BNC pass-through/monitoring jack, available for premise DS3 and digital video connectivity. These pass-through jack modules have test ports that enable "quality of service" checks without service disruption, and enable quick determination of which side of the handoff is responsible for performance problems. Variations include gas-tube protection features that are designed for outside plant installations.

Building Block 3 - Distribution Panels There are three options for containing the modular subpanels, depending on the size of the wiring closet. The most flexible and expandable distribution panel is the rack-mount system, consisting of 19" or 23" wide 1RU high panels that hold three or four loaded subpanels. The rack system is very scalable and capable of efficiently organizing inbound wirelines for large building or campus wiring closets.

For smaller wiring closets, an excellent solution is the double-lockable enclosure. These give the service provider and the network infrastructure manager secured access to their respective sides of the handoff. Available models accommodate four subpanels, allowing up to 20 keystone wireline pass-thru interconnects. Wall mounted L-brackets holding up to three subpanels that allow up to 15 pass-thru interconnects are also available.

Connectivity Module Options:

  • UMP-5 Subpanel: Keystone-type subpanel that can be fitted with any combination of 75 ohm BNC, 50 ohm BNC, 75 ohm F, RJ45, RCA, or SC (fiber) jacks.

  • DDM-2UM digital distribution module: point of termination for DS3 service, with front-side transmit and receive monitor ports.

  • DDPM-2UM dual-monitored digital distribution module: point of termination for DS3 service with front-side monitor ports and back-side network pass-through. Enables dB millivolt meter testing to determine power level and oscilloscope testing to check the noise floor under the primary signal stream.

  • TMM2-UM Test and monitoring module: Enables both line and network element bit error rate testing via WECo series patch format. Each monitor port presents a -20 dB signal, ensuring error-free monitoring.

Panel Mounting Options:

  • RP1 Rack Panels: 19" or 23" 1RU rack panels, holding three and four subpanels, respectively. Ideal for large enterprise installations.

  • FONS-WM Enclosure: Lockable wall-mounted enclosure that holds up to four subpanels. Excellent choice for exterior mounting or interior applications where exposed connectors are undesirable.

  • Wall-mounted L-bracket panel that holds up to three subpanels. Perfect for small interior wiring closets.

Download one or both of our free whitepapers that will help you understand how M4Flex will save space and add flexibility to your networking wiring closets, and prepare you to receive new service wirelines as they become available.

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