Stratos Optical Technologies Fiber Connectivity Products for Digital Video and HD Transport

BNC-to-Fiber ST Media Converter

Stratos Optical BNC-to-Fiber Media Converters adapt 75 ohm BNC interconnects to fiber interface. All Media Converters feature integrated SMPTE cable equalizer, and the receiver module incorporates a re-clocker and cable driver. Models available to support SD and HD-SDI. Key features include:

  • SMPTE 259M/297M (270 Mbps) and SMPTE 292M (1.485 Gbps)
  • DVB/ASI Compliant
  • ATSC/SMPTE 310M compliant
  • Single Mode, 1310nm FP Laser or PIN Receiver
  • Error Free Pathological Pattern Operation
  • Line Equalized 75ohm BNC (Male) Simplex Electrical Interface
  • "ST" Simplex Optical Interface
  • Broadcast Industry Standard Mini-XLR Connector
  • Die Cast/Over Molded Construction
  • Digital Diagnostics Monitor

BNC-to-Fiber LC Miniature Converter

SMPTE 292M compliant up to 1.485 Gbps. 75 ohm BNC (male) simplex electrical connector, high optical launch power, and CWDM wave-length capable. Key features include:

  • SMPTE 259M/297M/305M compatible (up to 540Mbps) and SMPTE 292M compliant (up to 1.485 Gbps) models
  • DVB/ASI Compliant
  • ATSC/SMPTE 310M compatible; 19.4 to 38.8Mbps
  • Sized for direct attachment to video equipment with minimum coax runs
  • Rugged die cast/over molded construction
  • Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface
  • Unit to unit pitch (Port Density) of 0.625"
  • Rugged "LC" simplex optical connector

VMCR Video Media Converter Racks

An easy-to-use housing platform for power management, diagnostics, and cabling on coax and fiber sides of video transport networks. Available versions include:

  • VMCR-18-R or -T rack-mount or tabletop models
  • VMCR-16-R with rear-mount connection for typical production environment

Each model has built-in Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface, allowing remote ID and monitoring via a standard 10/100 Ethernet-compliant web-enabled port. VMCRs be populated with any mix of Stratos VMCs or Mini-VMCs, with any combination of SD or HD protocols. Multiplexing or straight lane configurations are available.

16 Channel HD/SD Video Media Converter Rack

  • Compatible with all Stratos Video Media Converters (VMC)
  • 19"1RU design with rack slide to simplify VMC change over in rack installations
  • 18" to 22" depth with rack kit. 22" to 26" depth version available. Contact factory for availability
  • 110/240V Dual power supply (1+1 Protection) for up to 16 Video Media Converter modules
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface (DDMI) read out

HX 1080 Expanded Beam Connector

Expanded beam technology in SMPTE compatible format. Rugged, environment-proof hermaphroditic construction, optical insertion loss typical -0.75 db, return loss >-45 db. Field-repairable, easy-clean interface design. Key features include:

  • Rugged Hermaphroditic
  • Adapter Free Deployment
  • SMPTE Compatible
  • Flexible Install Options
  • Field Re-instatement Solutions
  • Ergonomic Design
  • High Performance
  • Easy Clean Interface
  • Non-contact Optics
  • High reliability/durability
  • IP 67 Sealing
  • Worldwide Support


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