Trompeter RF Connectivity Products for Digital and HD Video Transport

High Frequency Reliability - UPL-2000 Video BNC Connector

High frequency, true 75 ohm BNC designed to handle high bit-rate digital video signal transmissions in conjunction with low loss broadcast coaxial cables. Return loss performance of -30 dB up through 3GHz.

17 Reasons Why the UPL-2000 Video BNC Connector is your best choice for digital and HD video coax connectivity:

Elegant Simplicity: New HD Video Patchjacks

Trompeter's new HDVDP and HDVDPM Patch Jacks are designed and engineered to exceed SMPTE 292M specifications for high definition video transmission and connectivity.

The contact interface design of the HDVDP/HDVDPM consists of a self-aligning normal-thru U-slot, two redundant points of contact, an independent applied normal force at each contact point, and a mechanical wipe region at each contact interface location. These design attributes provide reliable and repeatable patching/un-patching, resulting in low-level contact resistance stability.

HDVDP/HDVDPM Performance vs. SMPTE 292 Requirements:

Parameter SMPTE 292 M Spec HDVDPM (Terminated) HDVDP (Terminated)
Return Loss -15 dB or better @ 5 MHz to 1.485 GHz -30.67 dB -31.03 dB
Voltage Levels 800 mV P-P +/- 10% 760 mV 760 mV
Jitter <0.2 UI or <134.68 pS @ 1.485 Gbps .082 UI or 55 pS .082 UI or 55 pS
Rise/fall times <270 pS, rRFT <100 pS @ 1.485 Gbps RT = 220 pS
FT = 200 pS
rRFT = 30 pS
RT = 220 pS
FT = 200 pS
rRFT = 30 pS

HD-Ready Mini WECo Looping Plugs and Patch Cords

Trompeter HD-ready looping plugs have a 50-millionths gold plated center contact for exceptional conductivity and durability over thousands of mating cycles. The unique insertion bushing protects the plug barrel.

Trompeter patching products are available with special marking (ID sleeves/tags, hot stamping, colored cable jacket, etc). Trompeter offers 24-48 hour turn-around on many standard products with full capabilities for sustained volume delivery. Deliveries can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

All of Trompeter's assemblies are 100% electrically tested for continuity, shorts, and Hi-Pot. Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), Isolation Resistance (IR), Insertion/Return Loss test capabilities and SPC data are available on request.


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